Experimenting with Compositing

For one of my classes I started to experiment with compositing 3D with video. One of my colleagues, Brian Cain, showed me this great software called SynthEyes. So I started just playing around with it and it’s simple and accurate. I brought a video file into SynthEyes and it tracked a bunch of points, and then with a little configuration, mapped out the camera movement in 3D space. The tracker points and camera can be exported to Cinema 4D, and then whatever I render out matches up more or less perfectly with the video. Here’s a test I just did this week, I’m going to be filming some better quality video later, and at some point I’ll upload a better quality movie file.

Guitar Update

Worked on getting different notes from the strings, and it’s far from perfect, but it will work later for some sort of generative art engine. The Processing file is up here, but Java needs you to allow it to use your microphone, and it doesn’t always work (sometimes the browser window will freeze). You probably won’t be able to see anything, unless you have an electric guitar and plug it into your mic.


Electric Guitar GenArt

Jason Arena has us at it again, making crazy stuff. This time around I am using Processing again (It’s just so much fun) and will be using an electric guitar as an input device. It is simple to set up and required me only to buy a 6′ male to male stereo 1/4″ jack wire and find a 9 volt battery to repair a headphone amplifier. The electric guitar outputs to the headphone amp, which then outputs to the mic input of my laptop. Then, using the Sonia library, I take that data and do whatever I want. As of now I am working on note detection, which cannot be done though pitch so I have to analyze the frequency spectrum. I’ll have a video up shortly demonstrating it.

Homemade Wine Making

So I’ve always wanted to make my own wine. But I’ve never gotten around to it, mainly because I’ve been told that it is very expensive to buy the fruit – it can cost around $100. This quarter I am taking a wine class and one of the projects we could do was make our own wine, which sounded much better than writing a paper. I found that you can get juice right from the wineries, so I called up Mayers in Webster, NY and went up and got five gallons of Concord grape juice. I got two 3 gallon cardboy (glass jugs) and the other necessary tools and ingredients such as specialized yeast.

sg103.jpg twojugs.jpg

I’m keeping a journal of it (let’s call it a log, sounds more manly) which can be found here at wine.eric-decker.com

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VE Project 1 / ImageMapper Wrap Up

Today I ‘finished’ the ImageMapper project for my Virtual Entertainment class. I had settled on the joshua tree image from a large set of other images I liked. Everyone had their generative artwork printed out and we hung them up in one of the halls. All together, everyone did a great job, and the look great together. Here are some photos from today.

Graeme putting up images:

Old Man Arena:

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ImageMapper results

Project 1 is wrapping up for my Virtual Entertainment class. I’ve picked my favorites (it was hard) and have made an image that will be of print quality. Our class will be printing them out in 8, 5, and 3 inch squares and then displaying them. In order to make a 8″ x 8′ square, I needed a 2400 x 2400 px image. Here’s an example of the image scaled down and a section of it 100%.

joshuatree compare

Here are a handful of some images “I” have made with my ImageMapper program. I figured that I would show what the photo I used was to generate the image. Kind of takes all the magic away from it, seeing them side by side. Again, there are more on flickr.

joshuatree-out.jpg joshuatree-in.jpg
Joshua Tree National Park

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