Homemade Wine


So I’ve been making my own wine over the last few months, starting sometime in January. It’s finally done. I had started with two 3-gallon cardboys, but one got infected and thus spoiled. However, from the one jug I got 15 bottles of concord-cranberry wine. I had to sweeten it significantly as concord is a very sour grape, but it taste pretty decend for someone who had no to very little idea of what they were doing. Coincidly, I made some fruit wines for fun, so I also have 4 bottles of white raspberry grape wine and 3 bottles of pineapple-orange coconut, as well as one bottle of peach left over from a few months ago. So my basement now has like 23 bottles of wine sitting in it. Amazing, once I move to NYC I won’t have the space for the large 3 gallon cardboys, but I’ll probably still ferment with the one gallon jugs.

wines.jpg wines3.jpg

Homemade Wine Making

So I’ve always wanted to make my own wine. But I’ve never gotten around to it, mainly because I’ve been told that it is very expensive to buy the fruit – it can cost around $100. This quarter I am taking a wine class and one of the projects we could do was make our own wine, which sounded much better than writing a paper. I found that you can get juice right from the wineries, so I called up Mayers in Webster, NY and went up and got five gallons of Concord grape juice. I got two 3 gallon cardboy (glass jugs) and the other necessary tools and ingredients such as specialized yeast.

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I’m keeping a journal of it (let’s call it a log, sounds more manly) which can be found here at wine.eric-decker.com

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