Homemade Wine


So I’ve been making my own wine over the last few months, starting sometime in January. It’s finally done. I had started with two 3-gallon cardboys, but one got infected and thus spoiled. However, from the one jug I got 15 bottles of concord-cranberry wine. I had to sweeten it significantly as concord is a very sour grape, but it taste pretty decend for someone who had no to very little idea of what they were doing. Coincidly, I made some fruit wines for fun, so I also have 4 bottles of white raspberry grape wine and 3 bottles of pineapple-orange coconut, as well as one bottle of peach left over from a few months ago. So my basement now has like 23 bottles of wine sitting in it. Amazing, once I move to NYC I won’t have the space for the large 3 gallon cardboys, but I’ll probably still ferment with the one gallon jugs.

wines.jpg wines3.jpg

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  1. Congratulations on the wine – I love the label! I should say though, that while Concord can be acidic, this usually happens when the vines are allowed to carry too much fruit. I make a totally dry Concord sipping wine that tastes crisp but isn’t sour. I find that if one harvests about 1/3 of the grapes while they are still green and unripe, say about mid-July in the northern hemisphere, the remaining fruit will ripen with very decent acidity levels. That also presumes that the vines were properly pruned each year.

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