Electric Guitar GenArt

Jason Arena has us at it again, making crazy stuff. This time around I am using Processing again (It’s just so much fun) and will be using an electric guitar as an input device. It is simple to set up and required me only to buy a 6′ male to male stereo 1/4″ jack wire and find a 9 volt battery to repair a headphone amplifier. The electric guitar outputs to the headphone amp, which then outputs to the mic input of my laptop. Then, using the Sonia library, I take that data and do whatever I want. As of now I am working on note detection, which cannot be done though pitch so I have to analyze the frequency spectrum. I’ll have a video up shortly demonstrating it.

Coda Music Service


Coda was my final project for Dynamic Persuasion Design. Our assignment was to create a viral site that would offer a service, have a reason to make people come back, and be passed around. My idea is a site that you tell it your favorite bands and musical artists, and it tells you of any recent releases. To do so, it has to use information from Amazon.com, so I had to learn how to use the Amazon API. I ran into a bunch of technological snags in this project, and maybe that’s because I’m not really a hard-core programmer. I wrote a little case study that explains some of the problems I encountered, so if anyone else runs into them maybe that can help.