Motion Tracking Experiment #2

Another clip playing around with SynthEyes, Cinema 4D, and After Effects. I can’t seem to get the GI to stop flickering, even though I have it set to ‘camera animation.’ I might have to upload a saved solution file or something to netrender. Additionally, if you’re having a problems recently with After Effects not rendering out due to a permissions error, you need to update QuickTime to 7.4.1 or whatever the new one is. They also cut out a lot of codecs, but as long as H246 is there I’m good.

Experimenting with Compositing

For one of my classes I started to experiment with compositing 3D with video. One of my colleagues, Brian Cain, showed me this great software called SynthEyes. So I started just playing around with it and it’s simple and accurate. I brought a video file into SynthEyes and it tracked a bunch of points, and then with a little configuration, mapped out the camera movement in 3D space. The tracker points and camera can be exported to Cinema 4D, and then whatever I render out matches up more or less perfectly with the video. Here’s a test I just did this week, I’m going to be filming some better quality video later, and at some point I’ll upload a better quality movie file.