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Project 1 is wrapping up for my Virtual Entertainment class. I’ve picked my favorites (it was hard) and have made an image that will be of print quality. Our class will be printing them out in 8, 5, and 3 inch squares and then displaying them. In order to make a 8″ x 8′ square, I needed a 2400 x 2400 px image. Here’s an example of the image scaled down and a section of it 100%.

joshuatree compare

Here are a handful of some images “I” have made with my ImageMapper program. I figured that I would show what the photo I used was to generate the image. Kind of takes all the magic away from it, seeing them side by side. Again, there are more on flickr.

joshuatree-out.jpg joshuatree-in.jpg
Joshua Tree National Park

914-out.jpg 914-in.jpg
Clock from digital display on a stove

fire-out.jpg fire-in.jpg
Charcoal grill fire

painting-out.jpg painting-in.jpg
Portion of a painting by Erin

shells-out.jpg shells-in.jpg
Muscle shells

turtleeatshotdog-out.jpg turtleeatshotdog-in.jpg
Turtle eating a hot dog off a stick

watch-out.jpg watch-in.jpg
Wrist watch

merlot-out.jpg merlot-in.jpg
Merlot, my parents’ African Grey parrot.

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  1. hi eric,
    i just had another look at your site and the work with the circles and the lines (second one)pulled my attraction. i like this work very much, …maybe because its all based on circles, more minimalistic so, or also because i’m into something quite simular…

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