Processing Prototypes

More progress on making things with Processing. The first set of images are made by connecting pixels of the same color. The second set (v004) is made by randomly drawing lines and basing the color off of the starting pixel. The circle is determined by how different the ‘landing’ pixel is. The last set (v005) is drawing overlapping circles based on color. The first three are representations of an images hue histogram, and the second three are one horizontal line’s color. Comments welcomed.

mapper v001:
savedimage_frame-58.png savedimage_frame-3b.png savedimage_frame-16-13-09-00.png savedimage_frame-40.png

mapper v004:
savedimage-1292007_224052_330833.png savedimage-1292007_205612_11506101.png savedimage-12102007_85527_25496705.png

mapper v005:
savedimage-12102007_03532_13012.png savedimage-12102007_03450_3355.png savedimage-12102007_03616_2894.png
savedimage-12102007_0520_39451.png savedimage-12102007_05231_22625.png savedimage-12102007_05246_37083.png

Some other images [added 12/11]:
picture-2.png picture-3.png picture-1.png

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