More Processing Experiments

About a year ago, I was playing around with the Flash drawing API. I was taking images, feeding them into Flash, and using getPixel to grab the color, draw random lines around to make a scribbled version of the image. It looked pretty neat, and I wanted to look into more complex ideas, such as connecting similar pixels. Of course, this killed flash as a 600 x 400 image created a pixel array with 240,000 values – Flash just can’t efficiently handle it.

But Processing can. So, I started with connecting all the pixels with the same color, and then moved to ones with similar color (based off difference of hue, brightness, and saturation). I’ll post more as I progress. You can see a start of the applet here: imageMapper_02.

savedimage-1262007_104344_20937.png imagemapper1.png imagemapper2.png savedimage-1262007_131723_5305522.png savedimage-1262007_111939_26966.png

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