AI Generated Butt Drawings

What better way to leverage the power of machine learning then drawing butts?

These butt drawings were generated by an AI trained on similar images.

I love to draw butts. I just can’t help it. It may seem juvenile, but it always brings a smile to my face in an almost therapeutic way. (And it all started years ago.) So what better way to harness the unparalleled power of machine learning than to force an artificial intelligence to also draw pictures of butts.

To generate the images, I first needed to create some training material. I set up a grid and drew 440 butts in a grid format over 22 pages. I scanned each page, loaded them as a stack into Photoshop, and then sliced up the image based on the original grid. It was then easy to export each individual drawing as a square image that could be used to train the model.

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