So I haven’t had much time to work on any personal projects recently, as my current project at Firstborn has picked up and I’ve been focusing 100% on that. Additionally, last weekend I was out in The Land that Law Forgot, better known as Las Vegas. I like to say the reason is because I am a professional sports photographer, but in reality it’s because I knew how to use a camera and won an inner-office Twitter contest.

Every year my boss along with a bunch of 35+ year old basketball fans fly out to Vegas to attend Michael Jordan’s Sr. Flight School. MJ  teaches them ways to improve their game as well as gives them all a detailed analysis of Space Jam. This year the camp didn’t happen, so the die-hard fans put on their own show and organized it themselves, sans Michael Jordan. I went along with some other Firstborners to help document the occasion though photo, video, and interpretative dance. If you’re interested, the photos are on flickr.  And yes, they actually did call it “Old Balls ’09.”

We rented a Nikon D90, which was a great camera. It can shoot HD video in up to 5 minute segments, and while it doesn’t replace having a video camera it’s a nice addition to have. The feature that blew me away the most was how well it handles low light. Yes, shooting with and ISO of 6,400 becomes fairly noisy, but really what can you expect. Additionally, the noise on the high levels of the D90 are not that much worse then the higher levels (1,600 I think being the max) on my D70. And from what I’ve seen with the D700, it handles low light and extreme ISO even better. I can’t imagine what it will be like in another five years.


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