JSFL scripts

JSFL scripts have been around in Flash for a while now, I think since MX 2004. Incase you haven’t run into them yet, jsfl scripts are used to extend Flash. RIT New Media Design students might be familiar with a file that Adam Smith wrote that prepared your Flash file’s library for use with preloaders. Over the summer I wrote a few extremely simple scripts that are now impossible for me to live without. However, today my laptop crashed and I lost these files, and upon searching the internet, I realized that there is not a lot out there easy to find on these files. So I rewrote what I had, and I figure I’d share them since they are so immensly helpful.

All three of these scripts will go though your library and modify the images/bitmaps. One will turn allow smoothing on, the other two will compress all as jpeg/photo or png/lossless. These are usefull when using the Photoshop importer to bring in png sequences, this way you do not need to open every single image and turn smoothing on or change the compression back to jpeg.

(You’ll want to right-click and save to desktop for these)

Drop these files into the Configurations folder, found here:

boot driveDocuments and SettingsuserLocal SettingsApplication DataAdobe Flash CS3languageConfiguration
Macintosh HD/Users/userName/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS3/language/Configuration/

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