Damn, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a site a launch. But I’m happy to announce my latest project at Firstborn has gone live:  I was the lead flash developer for this project. The current SoBe campaign also featured a facebook app with contest and a mobile version of the site as well (which were not developed by me, but Phil and Miller respectively).

There are two sides to the site. The product ‘flavors’ section features videos of real people stopped and interviewed on street about what they think of SoBe lifewater (which we, firstborn, filmed). We used streaming video from FMS provided by Akamai in order to provide responsive seekable video. This was actually a challenge, as streamed video has some slight programmatic behavior differences than progressive download. For instance, streamed video will not dispatch any Net Events for when it has reached the end of the stream. Another issue I ran into was that due to security restrictions, the  BitmapData.draw function is prohibited unless specifically enabled on the FMS side. The other side of the site, ‘world’, was pretty straight forward, except that since we will be doing updates for the rest of the year the site needed to be extremely dynamic. This section of the site also features actress Ashley Greene in the nude, painted in two skinsuits to promote SoBe lifewater’s two new flavors.