Pseudo-Computer Art

So for my QTVR class right now we are taking panoramic photos. My theme for this assignment is development, so I’ve been out and around Cookie Cutter Ville here (I find it funny that the company is called Faber or something). I decided just on a whim to try taking a panoramic in the fridge, just for the hell of it. It might be cool to do that for the assignment, since we have to do three of them, so do three different people’s refrigerators – as well as a photo of the owner.

Well, I tried it real quick with my semi-working point-and-shoot, and just threw the photos into Photomerge. While they didn’t come out as I expected, or really even as a panoramic, I thought it was kind of interesting how Photoshop decided to arrange and modify the images.

Photoshop’s Art