Coda Music Service


Coda was my final project for Dynamic Persuasion Design. Our assignment was to create a viral site that would offer a service, have a reason to make people come back, and be passed around. My idea is a site that you tell it your favorite bands and musical artists, and it tells you of any recent releases. To do so, it has to use information from, so I had to learn how to use the Amazon API. I ran into a bunch of technological snags in this project, and maybe that’s because I’m not really a hard-core programmer. I wrote a little case study that explains some of the problems I encountered, so if anyone else runs into them maybe that can help.

“Dreamscape” project comps

So classes have started back up at RIT, and my first project this quarter is for a class called Dynamic Persuasion Design with Jason Arena. The whole course focuses on user generated content, and this project is only about uploading text to a database and then displaying it. My concept is that people are encouraged to submit dreams that they have had to share with other users. I’ve done comps for the project, and a very basic prototype, and now I am working on getting it actually coded and fully designed, as it is due on Wednesday.

dreamscape comp