Speaking at OFFF Paris 2010


I probably should have mentioned this way earlier, but I’ll be speaking along with Mathieu Badimon at OFFF Paris on behalf of Firstborn. Our presentation will be on Friday, June 25th at 12:30. I have to say, this is quite an honor to speak at this conference. If you’re interested, there should be more information on the OFFF Paris 2010 website.

Speaking at FITC Toronto 2010

So I realize this is pretty last minute, but I’ll be speaking at FITC Toronto this Monday with Mathieu Badimon. We’ll be speaking on Firstborn’s behalf. Our presentation is titled “Tools & Prototypes: Crafting a Unique Digital Experience.” It’s basically focusing on how for each project we make, we usually need to make demos to test techniques or make tools to aid in development. It’s more of a creative presentation than a technical one, as we really won’t be talking about code directly. So if you’re up at FITC this weekend, we’ll be presenting Monday at 12:10.

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FITC Toronto 2009 Presentation

FITC Toronto 2009 Banner

It gives me great honor to announce that this year I will be giving a presentation at FITC Toronto alongside Firstborn coworker Jens Fischer. I’ve attended FITC for the last three years, and each time I’ve always enjoyed it. Shawn Pucknell has always puts together a great program with the best of the best of the Flash and web community. I have always found great ammount of inspiration from FITC, I always leave feeling creativtily renewed, so I really hope that this year I can be amoung one of the presentors that inspires others.

Our presentation is about the blending of 3D with web to create an engaging experience. We’ll talk about the techniques we have used in recent projects at Firstborn (such as Puma Lift, which launched on this past Friday), as well as technologies and techniques that we’ve just played around with. Here’s the writ-up as it is found on the FITC website:

Dimension Wars. Bridging the Gap Between 2D and 3D in Flash

The focus of this presentation will be the techniques used in creating 3D experience in Flash. We’ll look at different means of accomplishing this; whether it is creating a fully 3D environment right in Flash, combining pre-rendered sequences within a 3D environment, or even faking the 3D completely. We’ll be showing techniques that we have used in projects such as Sport Chalet: The Mountain, M&M’s Join the Hunt, Puma and XM Wild Ride. In addition to these, we’ll also be showing behind the scenes prototypes and demos, as well as internal experiments from our Firstborn Experiment Lab.

We will cover techniques from projects that use alternative means of creating 3D objects (how we created the mountain for the Sport Chalet site, first as based off of noise, then later from a VRML file), compositing rendered stills into a 3D-like environment (M&M’s), displaying 3D assets in a non-3D environment and adding 3D as a detail or interactive component in the Flash experience.

It’s not too late to buy tickets and attend. For more information about tickets, travel, etc, check out the FITC website.