CATScan: It Doesn’t Hurt to Twitter Up Close and Personal.

Just a quick note that I will be  regularly contributing to Creativity Online’s CATScan blog. It’s a collection of post from various people about digital media and advertising. I’ll be posting one article per month along with Dave Snyder, who is one of the Creative Directors at Firstborn. My first article is titled ‘It Doesn’t Hurt to Twitter Up Close and Personal’ and is about how businesses can use twitter to intimately reach their audience. My first article is linked here: It Doesn’t Hurt to Twitter Up Close and Personal.

Just a quick update here, we recently relaunched the new [edit: no longer online], my latest project. I was lead developer on this project with much help from Lucas Motta and Michael Roushey on the flash forefront, and as always Francis Turmel as our technical Sensei. The project was done with the world renowned ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. We put a lot of hours into this site, but I think it was worth it. My job as lead developer was doing the overall structure and framework of the site. I also developed some helpful debugging utils along the way, which I hope to post on here rather soon.

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