The Mountain in .NET Magazine

Sport Chalet: The Mountain was featured in April’s issue of .NET Magazine, which is called Practical Web Design here in the ‘States. I was just short and simple write up in their showcase gallery section. It was very cool to see a project I was lead developer for in print in an international magazine. Here’s the short writeup:

TM Advertising approached Firstborn to design
a microsite for its new retail client, Sport Chalet.
Firstborn’s solution used an entire mountain motif
as the gateway for the content. The mountain
itself is modelled in Cinema 4D and exported into
Papervision3D. The result is an exciting and vibrant
interface that provides users with access to winter
apparel and equipment. The mountain serves as a
showcase for brands and their sponsored athletes.
You can check out the rider page of athletes and
see them model their sponsored gear through
video clips as well. Papervision is best used in
conjunction with some Flash, good photography
and web video. The Mountain has an excellent
dose of each.




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