Pixel Bender Filters

I started to play around with pixel bender a few weeks ago, but didn’t have much  time to really accomplish anything interesting. However, I came across the opportunity (or rather excuse) to use it to whip up a quick filter for my current project. Basically, we have a bunch of transparent png images of people or objects. In the images, the figures or objects cast shadows, but the shadow’s transparency is not taken into account (think of it more like a .gif where transparency is either true or false rather than smooth). So I wanted a way to take a selection of the image, and basically have it translate the brigtness value to alpha. The result would be similiar to using a multiply blend mode, if blend modes could be used with only one layer. Anyways, I couldn’t find a way in Photoshop to accomplish the effect to my liking, so I wrote a super simple pixel bender filter, imported it, and voilà, I had exactly what I needed. Pixel Bender is going to be a great too for player 10, but I think there could be a lot of interesting and practical uses for it even outside of Flash.

Here’s the filter (right/option click and save as, I guess Firefox and the like recognize it as a text file) if you’d like, as well as an image that hopefully clarifies what I was trying to describe above.


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