Esquire E-Ink

For their 75th anniversary, Esquire printed 100,000 special editions of their October 2008 issue with ‘e-ink.’ Basically, the added a video screen into the cover of the magazine. When I first heard about this, I was immediately intrigue. I searched NYC for a copy, and didn’t find one until a friend told me he saw some in Grand Central. The quality of the screen was better than I expected, however, the term e-ink is a little misleading. I thought from the sound of it that it would be very thin and flexible with a small circuit board. The cover is rather thick, not very bendable, and the circuit board is pretty evident. The screen is also only black and white, with a color transparency overlay. So this isn’t like e-paper or any of the concepts of inexpensive paper-thin and flexible screens, but it’s a step in that direction. It’ll be interesting to see what develops next, if anything at all.

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