Indiana Jones 4 And The Viral Marketing?


I was watching the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull a week or two ago and was scrubbing though the video and noticed something peculiar. There’s a part where someone’s glasses get magnetized and snap to a piece of metal, it happens really quickly. If you pause it, you’ll notice it says Roswell, New Mexico  1947 – which is the year of the Roswell incident. So what does this mean for the movie? Is the Roswell crash not a UFO but somehow tied to another event in the movie, or does Indy really have a Close Encounter of the Third Kind?

What I think is interesting is why this is in the trailer. Obviously, you have to pause it to see it, since all you see when it is playing is the glasses. That scene in itself isn’t very interesting, so the intention was probably for people to find the Roswell thing by chance. And once they find it, they’ll do just this: blob about it, thus adding viral hype about the movie. For all we know, maybe Roswell plays a very minor part, but the temptaion of Indiana Jones and Aliens will be too good to pass up, so until the release date, I bet it will become a more popular subject.

If you want to check this out on your own, I recomend checking out the trailer on Apple Trailers since QuickTime is easy to scrub though.

Homemade Wine


So I’ve been making my own wine over the last few months, starting sometime in January. It’s finally done. I had started with two 3-gallon cardboys, but one got infected and thus spoiled. However, from the one jug I got 15 bottles of concord-cranberry wine. I had to sweeten it significantly as concord is a very sour grape, but it taste pretty decend for someone who had no to very little idea of what they were doing. Coincidly, I made some fruit wines for fun, so I also have 4 bottles of white raspberry grape wine and 3 bottles of pineapple-orange coconut, as well as one bottle of peach left over from a few months ago. So my basement now has like 23 bottles of wine sitting in it. Amazing, once I move to NYC I won’t have the space for the large 3 gallon cardboys, but I’ll probably still ferment with the one gallon jugs.

wines.jpg wines3.jpg