Image Mapper Demo

I’ve been playing around more with Processing, and I’ve settled on something I like for my project for Virtual Entertainment. I am going to be using my ‘Image Mapper’ program that I was working with that maps out all the same colors in an image. I can put any image I want into it, but right now it is set up for 900 x 900. I can let it render by itself, or I can control the sample point by using the mouse. I have it write out a PDF of it’s progress every few minutes, so it basically renders it out in steps. I can then bring it together in Illustrator (saving out the whole thing as one PDF makes the app crash).
The way I’ve been making images until now has been with a modified batch version, which I give it an array of image files and for how long I want it to draw each one, and it just saves out it’s progress as a png file. This lets me see how a handful of images will look by letting it run overnight or while I am away.

Here is a demo of how it works. You can click and drag to control the sample point, and the up and down arrows control the range of the random while you’re clicking and dragging. Below are some of my favorites that have come out:

914_2.jpg clouds_2.jpg fire_0.jpg savedimage-12142007_185757_6374344607360.jpg coins_6.jpg

There are more examples in my flickr gallery.

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